Lumbermen and Rusticators: Maine’s Nineteenth-century Transition from Wilderness to Vacationland
November 1-15, 2015
January 4-March 1, 2015

When Henry David Thoreau returned from the Katahdin region in 1846, he wrote about his experience as part of the transcendental movement.  Over the next fifty years Maine became a destination spot for vacationers who loved the outdoors and a wilderness experience.  The photos include early lumbering, camping, Katahdin, and resorts.  The photographers include Stodder, A.L. Hine, Whipple, Dole, and others. 

Because of the renovations at the Bangor Public Library, the exhibit will be on view in two phases. The exhibition will open November 1 and then be closed while the library is is undergoing renovations from November 16 until January 4. The exhibit will then continue on January 4 through the months of January and February.

Stay tuned for more information about public lectures to be scheduled in conjunction with the exhibition.