Tiny Giants: Life-sustaining Marine Microbes at Risk
March 6–31, 2015 at Portland Public Library; March 20 at Bangor Art Walk

June 1- August 31:  Bigelow Laboratory Commons

September 2015: Portsmouth Public Library

September 30-October 2:  Algae Biomass Summit, Washington, D.C.

October 10: Peabody Essex Museum (six images on display as part of the opening day of the exhibition Nature and Scale

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences has created a traveling art exhibit Tiny Giants: Life-sustaining marine microbes at risk.  It consists of large-scale photographic enlargements of marine microbes that tell a collective story of the integral role of marine microbes in keeping the planet balanced and how ongoing changes in the global marine environment are putting that balance at risk. Images were taken using three different microscopes – compound light, confocal, and scanning electron. 

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