Swan's Island Educational Society
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44.1522 Degrees North – 68.4433 Degrees West, Here is Home: Life in pictures, 1890–1945
June 15 through September 15, 2015

In the 1890s Swan’s Island comprised three separate villages, home to one thousand tough, resourceful people. Each village sustained schools, churches, stores and businesses. Through our photographs we show Island industries, family life of both year round and summer residents, traditional celebrations and seasonal activities—all offering a unique insight into Island life through a period of great change.

An honest view of the past relies on the testimony of those present today. Swan’s Islanders are justly proud of their heritage. As an adjunct to this project we are involving our schoolchildren by giving them their own Here is Home project. Their theme is "My Island," their medium—photography. Each child will take part in a photography workshop and will be given a disposable camera to photograph their island. Their photographs will juxtapose a clear picture of our past with an honest picture of our present, all created by the people who were there.